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Program overview

Basic Training 2019 Handbook

With Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine, you will start the minimum six-year training program to become a physician. This program includes a broad exposure to a comprehensive range of discipline areas that can be further developed during a subsequent Advanced Training program. Learning occurs primarily in the workplace, supported and supervised by consultants and peers.  

Program updates

All our Basic Training Programs are evaluated biennially by overseeing committees to ensure they are in line with educational best practice. The Basic Training Curricula Renewal Project may result in the revision of requirements outside of this cycle. Changes to the training program that could substantially impact trainees will be implemented following an extended period of notice. Please ensure you are following the correct guidelines during your training.

About the 2019 program requirements

The 2019 program requirements apply to all Australian and New Zealand based trainees registered in a PREP program in 2019, regardless of the year in which they commenced PREP Basic Training.

You are considered to be in the PREP Basic Training Program if you first enrolled from 2011 onwards.

Where not specified to either Australia or New Zealand, information applies to both countries.

Substantial changes to the training program will only be implemented following an extended period of notice.

Program Updates

  • Core and non-core Training
    • The list of allowed specialties has been updated to provide clarity.
  • Supervision
    • Roles and responsibilities have been updated to align with the Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework.

Entry requirements

Prospective trainees must have:

  • current general medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia if undertaking training in Australia, or medical registration with general scope of practice with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) if undertaking training in New Zealand.
  • an appointment to an appropriate training position at an accredited training hospital or health service (where you will do your Basic Training).
  • discussed your application and received approval to apply for Basic Training from the hospital (or network) Director of Physician Education (DPE). The DPE’s approval is subject to selection processes, training capacity and/or performance of the prospective trainee. Australian trainees are required to have their online application approved by the DPE.

New and current trainees need to apply prospectively for Basic Training each year.


Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine requires three years of full-time equivalent (FTE) training. Training completed previously outside Australia or New Zealand may be applied for as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Read the RPL Policy and contact Basic Training to confirm your eligibility before submitting your application.


Successful trainees are permitted to enrol in Advanced Training within five years of completing Basic Training. Eligibility is dependent on the completion of all requirements of training. Once the overseeing committee has recommended you for admission, the College will invite you to apply for Fellowship of the Chapter, Faculty or Division.

All Fellows in Australia, New Zealand and overseas in active practice must meet the requirements of a Continuing Professional Development program.

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