Re-register for Advanced Training

Advanced Trainees in all Division, Chapter and Faculty training programs must re-register for Advanced Training each year. When you re-register, you will apply to have your training program approved for the following year.

When do I need to re-register for Advanced Training?

All trainees need to re-register for Advanced Training each year.
Find out when registrations for Advanced Training are due

Re-register for a Division or Chapter Advanced Training program


Re-register online

New Zealand

Advanced Trainees in New Zealand submit a paper-based application form to re-register for a Division or Chapter Advanced Training program.

Complete ​the application form on your Advanced Training program page

Re-register for a Faculty Advanced Training program

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Occupational and Environmental Medicine trainees complete and submit the:

Send your application to

Public Health Medicine

Public Health Medicine trainees complete and submit the:

Send your learning contract to

For more information on the Learning Contract, download the Learning Contract Information and Instructions.

Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine trainees complete and submit the:

Send your application to:

Fax: +61 2 9256 9698

​How do I withdraw from or interrupt my training program?

Withdrawing from your Advanced Training program

If you want to stop Advanced Training, you should submit an application to withdraw from your training program.
Find out more information about withdrawing from your training

Interrupting your Advanced Training

If you want to take a break from your training and return at a later date, you should submit an application to interrupt your training.
Find out more information about interrupting your training

If exceptional circumstances affect my training, can I apply for consideration?

Trainees that have been affected by medical, compassionate or other exceptional circumstances can apply for consideration.

Find out more about exceptional circumstances and how to apply for consideration

What are the fees for Advanced Training?

All Advanced Trainees pay an annual training fee. Depending on your Division, Chapter of Faculty you may pay fees to sit examinations. Other fees that you may pay during your training include fees for Recognition of Prior Learning, late submission of your application and interruption of your training.

​Learn more about training fees

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