Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM)

Applicants can access the ATSM platform and apply from 5 July 2018 for Advanced Training positions commencing in 2019. 

Important notes:

  • Ensure you read and understand the updated Terms & Conditions before you agree and proceed.
  • Applicants who apply to positions located in NSW or ACT must also apply through NSW Health or ACT Health

Participating specialties and match dates

See list of participating ​specialties and ​match dates 


  • is an online documentation and preference system that electronically matches eligible applicants to Advanced Training positions at RACP accredited training sites based on the numerical preferences the applicant and employer enter into the ATSM system.
  • provides participating specialty groups, employing hospitals and Advanced Trainees with a centrali​sed location and platform to fill and secure Advanced Training positions.
  • It is not a recruitment service and has no role in the recruitment, selection, selection standards or criteria, all of which is the responsibility of the employer.
  • It does not guarantee employment.
  • does not guarantee that vacant positions will be filled.
  • does not provide access to employers or Advanced Training candidates who do not participate in the ATSM service.

Role of RACP

The College facilitates the administration of the ATSM service and online system.

How ATSM work:

  1. Applicants apply for positions by completing a CV template, nominating referees and if selected, attend interviews.
  2. The system then electronically matches applicants to positions based on the numerical preferences the applicant and employer have entered into the ATSM system.
  3. If an applicant or employer cannot be matched with their preferred choice, the system attempts to match them to their next choice and so on.

Match Result

Match results are released to Specialty Societies who inform participating Heads of Department.

Employers are then responsible for contacting applicants directly to conduct their own recruitment process and finalise offers of employment independent of the College.

Eligibility and Prospective Approval of Advanced Training

  • You must meet the eligibility criteria for your Advanced Training specialty program to apply for Advanced Training positions through the ATSM Service.
  • Trainees who secure a position through the ATSM service must apply for prospective approval of their training program before they can start their training.

Application due dates:

Refer to your Advanced Training program for application due dates and how to apply to start or re-register for Advanced Training. 


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