Accredited training sites

An accredited training site is a hospital or health service that is approved by the RACP as a site for Basic and Advanced Trainees to complete their training.

Trainees must by employed by an accredited training site before applying for ​​Basic or ​Advanced Training.

An accredited training site will provide a trainee with:

  • Access to quality supervision during training
  • The opportunity to improve on clinical skills and knowledge
  • Continuing education and research opportunities

The RACP assesses all hospitals and health services who wish to become accredited training sites to ensure they meet the criteria to provide training.

Further information on getting a training site accreditation

Accredited training sites for Advanced Training

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Accredited sites/positions (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF 365KB)

Addiction Medicine 
Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Addiction Medicine (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF 0.5MB)

Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Cardiology - Australia (PDF 0.6MB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 483KB)

Clinical Genetics

Accredited sites/positions (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF 146KB)

Clinical Pharmacology
Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Clinical Pharmacology (PDF 0.15MB)
Community Child Health

Accredited sites/positions (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF ​61​4KB)


Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 344KB)


Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 188KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF ​481KB)
Accredited laboratory sites/positions ( for Chem Path Trainees)


Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (​PDF ​533KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 426KB)

General Medicine and Acute Care Medicine

Accredited Sites for Advanced Training General and Acute Care Medicine - Australia (PDF 0.2 MB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 497KB)

General Paediatrics
Accredited Sites for Advanced Training General Paediatrics - Australia (PDF 0.6MB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 436KB)
Geriatric Medicine
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 202KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 0.2MB)

Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 523KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 492KB)
Accredited laboratory sites/positions (JSAC trainees)

Immunology and Allergy
Accredited sites/positions (Australia and New Zealand) (PDF 215KB)
Accredited laboratory sites/positions (JCT trainees)
Infectious Diseases
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 179KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 160KB)
Accredited laboratory sites/positions (ID Micro trainees)
Medical Oncology

Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Medical Oncology December 2017 (Australia) (PDF 0.5MB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 476KB)
Medical Oncology Survey Form for the Accreditation of Training Settings (DOC 0.4MB)

Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Accreditation sites/positions (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF 184KB)

Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) undertakes site accreditation for Neurology positions.
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 622KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 152KB)

Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Nephrology - Australia, New Zealand and overseas (PDF 2MB)

Nuclear Medicine

Australian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists (AANMS) undertakes site accreditation for Nuclear Medicine posts in Nuclear Medicine.
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 494KB)

Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Accredited Settings for Occupational and Environmental Medicine - Australia & New Zealand (PDF 848KB)
FAQs for Employers
FAQs for Trainees
Accreditation Assessment Form (.doc 457KB)

Paediatric Emergency Medicine
The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine undertake ​site accreditation for Paediatric Emergency Medicine.
Palliative Medicine

Accredited Sites in Australia and New Zealand for Advanced Training Palliative Medicine (PDF 0.2MB)

Public Health Medicine
Accredited Settings for Public Health Medicine (PDF 1MB)
Rehabilitation Medicine
Site Accreditation List for Rehabilitation Medicine - Australia and New Zealand (PDF 1MB)
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 202KB)
Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Respiratory and Sleep Medicine (New Zealand) (PDF 0.2MB)
Accredited sites/positions (Australia) (PDF 189KB)
Accredited sites/positions (New Zealand) (PDF 157KB)
Sexual Health Medicine

Accredited Sites for Advanced Training Sexual Health Medicine (Australia & New Zealand) (PDF 0.5MB)

Applying for a position at an accredited training site

The RACP is not responsible for finding training positions for applicants.

Contact the accredited training site directly to find a training position.

You can also view current Trainee Positions and General Medicine Positions as advertised by employers ​through the RACP Medical Positions Vacant page

Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM)

ATSM is an online documentation and numerical preference system that electronically matches eligible applicants to Advanced Training positions at RACP accredited training sites.

ATSM provides participating specialty groups, employ​ers and Advanced Trainees with a centrali​sed location and platform to fill and secure Advanced Training positions.

Learn more about ATSM and see if your specialty is involved

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