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Self Awareness and Self Care Key to Emotional and Physical Health (PDF, 41KB) Dr Susannah Ward (RACP News, August 2014)

Health of Doctors - Where's the Problem? (PDF, 38KB) Dr David Beaumont (RACP News, August 2014)

Performance Appraisal - Could this be a cornerstone of Physician revalidation ? (PDF, 46KB) Dr Maria Paul (RACP News, August 2014)

Change Requires Effective Clinical Leadership (PDF, 36KB) Dr Geoff Green & Dr Helen Kenealy (RACP News, August 2014)

Clinical Leadership Needs Good "Followership" (PDF, 269KB) Dr Guy Vautier (RACP News, June 2014)

Translating the Professional Qualities Curriculum for Trainees (PDF, 46KB) Dr Hannah McGinness (RACP News, April 2014)

Professional Boundaries and Compassion (PDF, 54KB) Emeritus Professor Kim Oates (RACP News, February 2014)

The Art Of Communication - For Our Trainees (PDF, 46KB) Dr Margaret Wilshire (RACP News, February 2014)

Making Life Decisions and Transitions - The Benefits of Coaching (PDF, 170KB) Dr Tara Brown (RACP News, February 2014)

A Call for Leadership to Improve Patient Care (PDF, 66KB) Dr Sarah Dalton (RACP News, February 2014)

Narrative Medicine - The Story as a Framework for Reflection (PDF, 25KB) Dr Beres Joyner (RACP News, December 2013)

Being a Good Doctor - a Trainee's Perspective (PDF, 50KB) Dr Mandy Fletcher (RACP News, December 2013)

Measuring Medical Professionalism (PDF, 39KB) Dr Maria Paul (RACP News, August 2013)

Blogging and Microblogging for Reflective Learning (PDF, 44KB) Dr Winston Liauw (RACP News, August 2013

Launch of the SPPP Video / Fellows and Trainees share their stories at Congress (PDF, 63KB)  SPPP Project Manager (RACP News, June 2013) 

Reflecting on Reflection : Deep Learning or Medical Narcissism? (PDF, 80KB) Dr Matthew Links (RACP News, April 2013)

Reflecting on Career Changes - Professionalism Takes Many Forms (PDF, 53KB) A/Prof Grant Phelps (RACP News, December 2012)

Managing Poorly Performing Doctors (PDF, 31KB) Dr Nicki Murdock (RACP News, December 2012)

Commitment to the Public Good / Improving Professionalism in a Health Service (PDF, 41KB)

Developing the essential qualities Physicians bring to their daily work (PDF, 88KB) SPPP Project Manager (RACP News, August 2012)

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