Reflecting on your practice

What is self-reflection?

Reflection underpins all of our learning. Consciously reflecting on your performance as a physician:

  • Ensures you learn from your day to day practice
  • Provides insights to your performance through self-appraisal
  • Helps you identify your learning needs and prioritise your professional development


How is the SPPP framework and Guide connected to my self-reflection?

The SPPP framework outlines the ten domains of a Physician’s professional practice in addition to medical expertise.

Considering your professional practice in relation to these ten domains helps you to:

  • Identify your learning needs and which areas of your practice require improvement
  • Tailor your training and professional development to meet your learning needs

The SPPP Guide explores each of the ten domains and provides examples of good and poor behaviours. You can use the Guide as a self-assessment tool to reflect on your professional practice.  

What tools are available to help me reflect on my practice as a Physician?

In addition to the SPPP Guide, tools to assist your self-reflection include:

Templates for self-reflection    

The templates for self-reflection will help you structure and document your reflections and plan your future learning and professional development actions.


Models of self-reflection

The models of self-reflection illustrate the cycle of continuous self-reflection and professional development. 

 Reflection Model_1_40p 

Figure 1. Kolb DA.Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and development.Prentice-Hall; 1984.

 Reflection Model_2_45p 

Figure 2. Burton AJ. Reflection: nursing’s practice and education panacea?J Adv Nurs.2000;31(5):1009–1017.

Download the:

How do I gain MyCPD credits for self-reflection?

Documented self-reflection practises is currently claimable in MyCPD under Category 5: Practice Review and Appraisal at three credits per hour.

Documenting your self-reflection and any following professional development is essential. You can record your self-reflection activities using:

  • The templates for self-reflection (above) – these will help you to structure and document your reflections and planned learning and professional development activities
  • Reflective writing – free-form reflective writing to capture your reflections and document your planned learning and professional development activities

After reflecting on your performance, you may find that there are domains in the SPPP framework wherein  you would benefit from additional learning or support. This gives you the opportunity to target your CPD to specific professionalism domains and claim CPD credits for those activities.

Find out more about the RACP continuing professional development program.


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