The College is committed to ensuring the highest standards of physician practice across all the domains of professionalism. Resources in the non-clinical areas of practice have been developed to assist Fellows and trainees to:

  • Reflect on their practice and performance, and
  • Identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for learning and professional development

Professional practice domains

The Professional Practice Framework defines the domains of physician practice, and underpins the RACP curriculum model. The Framework and Standards have been designed for application across the RACP's training and Continuing Professional Development programs.
Communication Quality and safety Teaching and learning Research Cultural competence Ethics and professional behaviour Judgement and decision making Leadership, management, and teamwork Health policy, systems, and advocacy To serve the health of patients, carers, communities, and populations.

Professionalism Resources

For resources, including podcasts, courses and curated collections, see the Professionalism Resources page or visit eLearning@RACP for the complete range of RACP resources. 
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