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What has changed recently in CPD?

Important changes to the 2017 MyCPD Framework

The following changes to the 2017 MyCPD Framework have been implemented by the CPD Committee and College Education Committee.

In the interest of simplifying the MyCPD Framework and promoting practice review and improvement activities in preparation for revalidation: 

  • the word ‘Appraisal’ has been replaced with ‘Improvement’ in the ‘Practice Review and Improvement’ category
  • Framework categories have been reordered according to credit weighting, with ‘Practice Review and Improvement’ on top (worth 3 credits per hour)
  • the previous category 3 ‘Self-Assessment Programs’ has been merged into category 2 ‘Assessed Learning’.

To more accurately reflect educational value:

  • the ‘Assessed Learning’ category has been reduced from three credits per hour, to two credits per hour
  • ‘Participation in the RACP Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP)’ has been moved into the ‘Practice Review & Improvement’ category
  • ‘Specialty specific scientific meetings’ at two credits per hour has been removed from the ‘Group Learning Activities’ category.

In response to Fellow feedback:

  • ‘Committee/working group/council involvement’ has been added as an example under the ‘Educational Development, Teaching & Research’ category
  • ‘Regular Practice Review’ and ‘Multi Source Feedback (MSF)’ have been added as examples under the ‘Practice Review & Improvement’ category.

Download the 2017 MyCPD Framework (PDF 64KB).

Please contact the CPD team at mycpd@racp.edu.au, or mycpd@racp.org.nz if you have any questions.

2016 MyCPD Framework changes

The College Education Committee has approved small, incremental changes to the 2016 MyCPD Framework with the aim of retaining familiarity, simplifying recording and incentivising desired educational outcomes.

  • All CPD activities are now awarded credits based on an hourly rate, instead of set value.
  • Preparation for teaching/publication/presentation has been merged with the event/publication in Category 1 to reduce the need to double claim.
  • Grand rounds, journal clubs and other medical meetings have been moved to ‘Group learning activities’ in Category 2.
  • The 50 credit cap has been extended to all categories to promote diversification of CPD activities.
See the MyCPD Framework 2016 (PDF 198KB) and 2016 MyCPD User Guide (PDF 2MB)

Mobile MyCPD

Log on from any internet-connected smartphone and you will see that MyCPD now has a mobile-friendly interface for activity reporting. Now it’s easy to record your CPD activities on the go.

All CPD programs have merged into MyCPD

In 2015, all CPD programs merged into MyCPD. Participants most affected have been those with multiple Fellowships and Fellows of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, who were using a paper-based system. 

Fellows of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine can download and read the AFRM MyCPD transition guide 2015 to compare the MyCPD framework with the AFRM activities register and find out more about how the change affects them.

All participants will be able to access their historical records through MyCPD. Participants with multiple Fellowships can allocate hours to particular Faculty/speciality areas when recording their activities. 

Fees for late and alternative CPD submissions

  • Late CPD submissions:  We provide three months after the end of the calendar year for participants to complete their MyCPD submission. We then close the program so that we can issue certificates of completion. A fee applies to processing late submissions after the CPD deadline of 31 March.
  • Alternative CPD submissions: We recommend all members use MyCPD online as this is the best way to track your CPD participation, but you can opt to submit your CPD report on paper or by other means. Please note that the MyCPD program requirements are the same for all participants. A fee applies to processing alternative submissions.

​You can find forms for late and alternative submissions and further information on the CPD forms and policies page.

Contact us

Contact us for further information on MyCPD and continuing professional development.

Phone: (+61) 2 8247 6201
Email: MyCPD@racp.edu.au

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Phone (+64) 4 460 8122
Email: MyCPD@racp.org.nz

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