Admission to Fellowship

Applying for Fellowship

Approved trainees and OTPs receive an invitation from Member Services to apply for Admission to Fellowship.

Please send your signed application form to

​To complete your application, please pay the application to Fellowship fee. 

Pay online (Australia only)



  • Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine)
  • Faculty of Public Health Medicine
  • Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
    Login to MyRACP to pay for Admission

Call and Pay (New Zealand Only)
0508 MYRACP (69 7227)

About Admission to Fellowship

Instructions on how to complete an application are included in the invitation.

Application to Fellowship Fee

There is a single fee to become a Fellow of the College

For more information, please contact Member Services at


Eligible trainees or OTPs are recommended to the relevant Education or OTP Committee and the appropriate Division, Faculty or Chapter for approval to be admitted into Fellowship.

For trainees, approval by the relevant Committee and Division, Faculty or Chapter may take several weeks following the completion of training requirements.

Joint Training: If you have trained under both an Education Committee of the RACP and a Joint Specialist Advisory Committee (JSAC) of the RACP and the RCPA (e.g. training in Rheumatology and Immunology/Allergy), you are strongly advised to apply for Admission to Fellowship of the RACP only upon full completion of the requirements of the JSAC, in order to avoid a prolonged training program.

To be eligible for admission any supervisor reports or other documentation needs to be submitted and any outstanding training fees paid, prior to being invited to apply for Fellowship.

Once approved, trainees and OTPs will be invited by the College to apply for Fellowship.

After Admission

New Fellows receive a letter from the President via email. This letter will confirm training and Fellowship.

This letter can be used by new Fellows when registering as a consultant physician (Australia) or applying for vocational scope (New Zealand) as confirmation of training and Fellowship prior to receiving a Testamur (Fellowship Certificate).

To request a hard copy of this letter, please contact Member Services at


New Fellows in Australia need to register with the Medical Board of Australia, via AHPRA and the Specialist Recognition Advisory Committee at Medicare Australia before being able to practise as a specialist or consultant physician.

Application for recognition as Specialist or Consultant Physician 

New Fellows in New Zealand will be eligible to apply for vocational scope with the Medical Council of New Zealand to practice as a consultant physician.

Vocational scope 

More information regarding registration requirements can be found using the following links:

Medical Board of Australia (AHPRA)  

Medicare Australia

Medical Council of New Zealand

Other Useful Contacts:

Australian Medical Council contacts

Medical Council of New Zealand contacts

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