Becoming a Fellow

Learn more about RACP Fellows, and how you can become a Fellow.

Continuing Professional Development

The RACP CPD program helps Fellows equip themselves for their current and future professional roles.

Supporting Physicians’ Professionalism and Performance (SPPP)

The Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) framework assists Fellows and trainees to reflect on their practice and performance, and identify areas of strength and opportunities for further learning.


A supervisor supports a trainee during their training at the RACP by facilitating learning opportunities and providing feedback on progress and achievement.


Find links to a wide range of resources for RACP Fellows and trainees.

Affiliate and associate members

RACP Divisions, Faculties and Chapters have a number of affiliate or associate memberships available to medical professionals.

Support services for health professionals

A list of external support services, for health professionals, in the areas of health, mental health, financial and workplace difficulties, financial support, relocation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships

The RACP offers a number of ​prizes, grants, scholarships, and fellowships (Awards) through the RACP Foundation for current and future Physicians.

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