Policy and Advocacy Priorities

The RACP’s policy and advocacy priorities are set by the College Policy and Advocacy Council and other College bodies.   

Influencing Health Policy Debates

Many of our Fellows are eminent international experts in their respective specialties. Find out how they contribute their knowledge to help policy makers.

End of life

As populations age and chronic age-related diseases increase good end-of-life-care becomes a priority. Find out more about the RACP's views on what constitutes best-practice end-of-life-care.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

This ground breaking policy will improve the lives of Australians with a disability. Learn how our physicians and paediatricians are helping make it become a reality.

Integrated Care

We believe health care services across different specialties should be able to function as one integrated whole. Learn more about this health care sector transforming concept.


Use of alcohol is widely socially accepted. Less widely known are the multiple individual and social harms that result from excessive alcohol use. Learn more about them and our views on the harms to nations that result from embracing a drinking culture.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health

We believe the mandated detention of people arriving in Australia by boat without visas is unethical and wrong. Find out more about our position on refugee and asylum seeker health and the public actions our physicians and paediatricians are taking.

Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review

We are advising on a once-in-a-generation review to re-engineer Australia’s health system to support high-value care. Find out more here.

Influencing Federal Health Policy

Our Fellows are experts in their respective fields. Find out more about how they contribute to health care thought leadership and policy making at the highest levels on behalf of their patients and our communities

Indigenous Medical Specialist Access

Isolation of many indigenous communities and cultural barriers make access to specialist health care a serious issue. Learn more about how our Fellows and trainees are improving access to specialist care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Climate Change and Health

The health impacts of climate change will affect us all. Spreading tropical diseases and heat stress on vulnerable populations are just two examples. Learn more about our world-leading actions to highlight the health effects of climate change.

Medical Assistance in Dying

In recent years, a number of proposals to legalise medical assistance in dying have been considered by Parliaments in Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about the RACP’s work on this complex issue.

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