Research Awards and Study Grants

The RACP Foundation proudly provides financial support to Fellows and trainees pursuing careers in medical research. Over $2 million funding is offered annually through fellowships, scholarships, grants, and prizes. 

Awards offered by the RACP Foundation include:

Career Development Fellowships 

Funding for Fellows who are mid-career researchers and not eligible for other research scholarships and fellowship. Fellowships are open to RACP Fellows who are mid-career researchers.  

Research Establishment Fellowships 

Funding for Fellows and trainees wishing to establish themselves in a research career. Fellowships are open to RACP Fellows and trainees who are either within seven years of having completed a research higher degree or two years of returning from overseas. 

Research Entry Scholarships 

Funding for Fellows and trainees at the start of their research careers. Scholarships open to RACP Fellows and trainees currently enrolled in a Masters, PhD or equivalent research higher degree. 

Research Development Scholarships 

Funding for smaller research projects for beginning researchers. Awards are open to RACP Fellows and trainees beginning a career in research. 

Education Development (Study) Grants 

Funding is available twice a year to enable Fellows and trainees to undertake further educational training or to develop educational initiatives.

Travel Grants 

Travel grants provide funding to support short periods of research or study. These grants may be used to cover traveling or re-establishment costs or fees.  

Grants are open to RACP Fellows and trainees intending to complete a short period of research or study which requires them to travel. 

RACP Indigenous Health Scholarship Program 

A funded pathway through physician training for those who identify as being of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Māori heritage. Scholarships are open to medical graduates or trainees who identify as being of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Maori heritage. 

International Grants 

International grants are intended to provide funding for international medical graduates or specialists who are intending to further their knowledge in fields of medical education and who are sponsored by an RACP Fellow. Grants open to Fellows partnering with international medical graduates or specialists.

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For more information on any of the awards and prizes, please contact the RACP Foundation at or call +61 2 9256 9639.

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