RACP Foundation

Prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships

The RACP Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the RACP that awards prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships to:

  • fund world-class research to address the challenges facing healthcare today
  • support the education and training of current and future physicians
  • acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contributions of Fellows or trainees
  • encourage medical students and graduates to consider a career as a physician
Over $2 million funding is offered annually through fellowships, scholarships, grants, and prizes.

Research Awards and Study Grants

The RACP Foundation proudly provides financial support to Fellows and trainees pursuing careers in medical research.

College and Congress Prizes

Every year, the Foundation receives nominations and applications for prizes and medals which acknowledge these individuals in their respective fields. Many medals and prizes are presented annually at the RACP Congress and are valued greatly for their prestige. Other prizes and medals are awarded at specific Annual Scientific Meetings of different specialties.

Awards and Prizes by Category

Regional Awards and Prizes

Regional awards and prizes are offered to Fellows and trainees who are registered as members of specific states (regions) in Australia and New Zealand.

Division, Faculty and Chapter Awards and Prizes

The Divisions, Faculties and Chapters provide Awards for Fellows and trainees who are members and also provide other awards to encourage medical students and graduates to learn and consider a career as a physician.

All awards are open to RACP Fellows and trainees who are members of each specific Division, Faculty or Chapter as well as medical students and medical graduates

Indigenous Scholarships and Prizes

Indigenous Scholarships and Prizes are available to Fellows, trainees, medical students, or junior medical officers who identify as being of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori or Pacific Islander heritage.


The RACP Foundation is supported by donations from individuals, corporations and partner organisations.

List of donors and partners

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Contact the Foundation

For more information on any of the awards and prizes, please contact the RACP Foundation at foundation@racp.edu.au or call +61 2 9256 9639.

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