College Council

The Council is a representative body of up to 50 Fellows and trainees.

RACP College Council

What does the College Council do?

The Board established the College Council in 2015 to act as its peak advisory body on strategic and cross-College issues.

The new College Council is a forum for key debates around education, medical practice and advocacy to be more accessible to all College members.

As a senior advisory body, the Council makes recommendations to the Board. And all decision making on the Council for recommendation to the Board will be by consensus.

​The Council comprises a representative from each of the 26 identified Education Pathways (including Chapters) within the College

  • a Fellow appointed by each RACP Division
  • a Fellow appointed by each RACP Faculty
  • a Fellow appointed by each of the seven Australian Regional Committees
  • a Fellow appointed by the New Zealand Committee; and
  • two Trainees appointed by the College Trainees’ Committee

Download the Council By-laws

Council Members

Associate Professor Alasdair MacDonald is the College Council Chair.

Read more about representatives on the College Council.

Meeting dates

Download the College Council Meeting Dates for 2017 (PDF 62KB)

Contact us

For further information on the College Council contact the Office of the Company Secretary and Governance

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