Careers at RACP

If you are looking for a medical position to work at a hospital or other health service, see the medical positions vacant page.

Current vacant positions at the RACP

Receptionist (NZ), Full Time
Download the Receptionist position description (PDF 137KB)

Project Manager, Curricular Renewal, Full Time
Download the Project Manager, Curricular Renewal position description (PDF 418KB)

Manager, Research, (VIC), Full Time
Download the Manager, Research position description (PDF 426KB)

General Counsel, ​Full Time
Download the General Counsel position description (PDF 468KB)

Policy and Advocacy Officer (NZ), Full Time
Download the Policy and Advocacy Officer position description (PDF 350KB)

Project Officer (VIC), Full Time
Download the Project Officer position description (PDF 470KB)

Project Officer, Content Development (VIC), Fixed Term Contract
Download the Project Officer, Content Development position description (PDF 472KB)

Executive Officer, Member Support (NZ), Full Time
Download the Executive Officer, Member Support position description (PDF 415KB)

Operational Excellence Advisor, SCU, Full Time
Download the Operational Excellence Advisor position description (PDF 287KB)

PMO Manager, Full Time
Download the PMO Manager position description (PDF 126KB)

Case Officer, OTP, Full Time
Download the Case Officer, OTP position description (PDF 361KB)

Education Technologist, Full Time
Download the Education Technologist position description (PDF 475KB)

Education Officer, Advanced Training - 24 month contract
Download the Education Officer, AT position description (PDF 330KB)

Executive Officer, Advanced Training – Contract to July 2019
Download the Executive Officer, AT position description (PDF 330KB)


How to apply for a position at the RACP

Click on the appropriate 'Position' title.

You will need to include an up-to-date curriculum vitae, cover letter and statement addressing the selection criteria for a successful candidate listed in the advertisement.

Where a closing date is advised, only applications received by this date will be considered.

Contact the Human Resources team 

Australia: +61 2 9256 9696

New Zealand: +64 4 473 8528


Vacant Positions - Specialty Societies

Specialty Societies are separately constituted membership organisations, established as the specialties within Internal Medicine grew to take care of activities other than education and training provided by the College. Over time each specialty established its own Society, with membership open to a range of people with an interest in the specialty, such as physicians, surgeons, GPs, nurses, allied health practitioners and scientists. In most cases Society memberships contain a substantial proportion of FRACPs.

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